Random stuff on Mormonism

Michelle Arnold has posted on JimmyAkin.org about Mark Twain and the Book of Mormon. His antipathy toward it is famous, but if you haven’t read what he said about it, go have a look. It’ll probably offend you if you’re LDS, humor you if you’re not, or make you wince if you’re trying to reach out to LDS and have Mark Twain “on your side.”

Cynthia blogs at Mormon 2 Catholic about Lamanites and prophecy. Her post made me think of something. A unique Catholic view on the Bible is that it serves the Church. The Church is not founded on the Bible. The Church didn’t coalesce around the Bible after Jesus handed out copies of it. Rather, the Bible is a testimony to the Church, the “pillar and foundation of truth” (1 Tim. 3:15). So I wondered about LDS scriptures. Would LDS view the role of the Book of Mormon, for example, the same way Catholics view the role of the Bible?

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