Theology of the Body

This always happens. The closer I get to the end of a book, the less I can put it down. I stayed up late the other night finishing Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and I stayed up late tonight finishing Christopher West’s Theology of the Body Explained. I’ve been reading them in tandem since some time last year.

Wow. I can’t give the content much in the way of review. That would be like trying to do a review of the Catechism’s content. All I can say is that it’s truth, piercing, amazing truth, solidly founded on deep examinations of Scripture and the human person made in the image of God.

If you, gentle reader, are not familiar with the Theology of the Body, become so. Get West’s Theology of the Body for Beginners or one of his audio or video sets. Or, if you’re the type who enjoys enormous, dense books, read the two I mentioned above. It’ll be worth whatever time it takes.

I would love to hear an LDS perspective on JPII’s Theology of the Body. In fact, if there were one subject on which I could ask a Mormon for in-depth thought, this would be it. The Theology of the Body touches on so many core parts of the Gospel that the Church has somewhat at odds with Mormonism – what it means to be a human, what it means to be embodied, what human love and marriage mean, Eden, Heaven…

Yeah. It’s dynamite. And Christopher West’s epilogue in ToB:E has me wanting to go forth and preach it to everyone.

God bless West for his work spreading this. And through the intercession of John Paul the Great, may God bless all of us to share his good news of the redemption of the body.

2 Responses to “Theology of the Body”

  1. Mark Butler says:

    I haven’t read the book, but what I know about Catholic teachings on the matter is that they are not far removed from LDS teachings. The route might be different, but so far as this life is concerned we end up with very similar positions about the sanctity of marriage, the problems with homosexuality, and so on. I have often picked up articles by Pope John Paul II and gone for pages without any serious disagreement. I am reading one by Pope Benedict (XVI) titled “Europe and Its Discontents” right now. I also particularly enjoyed “Fides et Ratio”. I haven’t read much of Theology of the Body, but other than some questionable literalism about the Church as the Body of Christ (we take that as metaphor) no red flags yet.

  2. Mark Butler says:

    Of course anything about Adam and Eve we are likely to have a serious disagreement with, except the doctrine of work and marriage.