LDS blogger on “Catholicism and the Cross”

Ben S., who is an author at the LDS blog Millenial Star (and who has visted this blog as of today) has posted an article entitled “Catholicism and the Cross.” He appreciates the symbolism in the cross, and I appreciate that he appreciates it, and that he’s reading a Catholic book about Catholicism. I also appreciate that he doesn’t prepend “Roman” to “Catholic.”

Catholicism is very rich in symbolism, so I hope there’s more explanation of it in the book.

Anyway, kudos to Ben.

2 Responses to “LDS blogger on “Catholicism and the Cross””

  1. Steve says:

    Nice to see. Whenever I would ask Mormons about the cross they would always say that they prefer to focus on the life of Christ, not His death. To me, the cross has always been a sign of victory over sin, as well as the measure of God’s love for us. I think to see it simply as death misses the point.

  2. Brad says:

    Heh… yeah, I once heard the thing about “if your brother was killed with a rifle, would you wear a rifle?” Well… yes, if my brother was God’s only-begotten, and by being killed with a rifle, He set us free from death and sin, even conquering death itself.