You’re kidding.

Once again, embryonic stem cell research fails to provide the cure to all diseases, better weather, lower taxes, and peace on earth.  In fact, it fails to provide anything, except tumors, destroyed human life, and wasted money and time.

With treatments using adult stem cells and umbilical cord tissue actually working, I don’t understand this obsession with embryonic stem cell research.  All moral issues aside, you’d think people would want to pursue the type of research that has, I don’t know, actually yielded abundant results?

2 Responses to “You’re kidding.”

  1. Kaffinator says:

    The science doesn’t really matter. It is a way that the left thinks they can show that religious conservatives are anti-science, anti-progress, anti-medicine, etc. Nevermind if the cure is both ethically and medically worse than the problem, it’s *progress* so therefore we are obligated to fund it with our tax dollars.

  2. eileen says:

    FYI: Greg Schleppenback, NE State Director, Bishops’ Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities, had an excellent article in last week’s “Southern Nebraska Register.” In this article he discussed several misconceptions about stem cell research. One of these is that the Church is against ALL stem cell research; In fact, the Church is not opposed to all stem cell research, only that which involves destroying embryos. Something else he did was to point out that there are 72 diseases that have been successfully treated in humans with adult (non-embroynic) stem cells and not a single disease has been treated with embryonic stem cell.
    It is amazing to me that all this research is out there public consumption and, despite how easy it is to access this information, people remain ignorant regarding this matter.
    Contact Greg if you are interested in more info..his email is: