No, really, I write stuff

The twice-yearly cataclysm we call Finals Week looms ahead, so I don’t have a ton of time to write posts of any sort. However, when I do Have a Bunch of Time, such as I will over Christmas Break, I’ll be able to Write More Stuff. By way of preview, here’s what to expect:

– My research paper on a proposal to ban human cloning. It won’t be much, but since I have to write it for English class anyway, I might as well post it on the Web.

– Reviews of and responses to on-line essays and to various books (helpfully provided by an LDS friend) by Mormons regarding the supposed apostasy of the Early Church. Hopefully those will be more exciting than the usual stuff around here.

– Slightly inane commentaries on a variety of odd things (akin to how getting a messed-up burger brought me closer to God).

Until then, it’ll be a Lite Blog, as I intend to comply fully with instructions and be dead during Dead Week.


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