Happy people with junk on their heads

Ash Wednesday came and went. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t make it to Mass, so I missed out on the one day a year when it’s fashionable to have ashes on my forehead.

Oh well. I’m glad for the earliness of Lent and Easter, because I could use some renewal in my life right now. In just about every aspect of my life, I’m having my feet held to the fire like never before. So I can either get my act together and try harder to reach God, or just be less happy in six weeks.

I’m happy, though. Some of my recent Lents have felt like a drag, but this time, I think I feel the way it’s supposed to feel. Like I’m getting another chance (again). Like it’s a springboard that’ll take me closer to God. Some years it feels like Easter will never come, but tonight it feels like the solemn majesty of the Easter Vigil can be found in the next room. I hope everyone with junk on their head today felt the same way.

I suppose it helps that I’m changing my Lenten penance. Probably for the first time ever, I’m not doing anything dietary (yes, siblings and parents, you heard me. Put your judgment pants on now.). Fasting is good and all, but it just got to be stale. This year I’m going after something better. In case you care, I’m committing to daily prayer and Mass, and giving up saying unkind things (smile, Mom).

On a related note, God’s patience is incomprehensible, a mystery in both theological and common terms. I don’t think I would believe His mercy if I, a sinner, weren’t standing here to tell the tale, as He constantly extends to me reminders of His love.

3 Responses to “Happy people with junk on their heads”

  1. Minda says:

    I am SO judging you.

    …but when I’m finished with my judgment, I will pray for you. Also, Easter is before Opening Day this year. I think this is a very good thing!

  2. eileen says:

    I too missed Ash Wednesday this year….health reasons. Still suffering from a “way too small back seat in the Jeep.” I know you will understand. Anyway, I took out my book from the series: “In Conversation with God” by Francis Fernandez and what did I find? The first 45 pages of my Lenten & Easter book were on Advent. An obvious misprint. So, now I’m waiting on getting a replacement. O well, there are other books to read in the meantime.
    Happy Lent!

  3. eliztrin says:

    two years ago, my spiritual director suggested I not do a food/corporal penance. I practiced EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA KINDNESS … EEEK. I created a bookmark for my prayer book and sign for my computer monitor (I work 8 hours a day on the computer) that simply said EEEK. It was HONESTLY one of my hardest lents ever. Part of it is the touchy-feely aspect of kindness … how exactly do you define it, much less examine your conscience on it? But most of it was the awareness of how easy it is to be unkind.

    Have a blessed Lent.