• The crucified and risen Christ is our only true hope. Strong in his help, his disciples also become men and women of hope. Not a fleeting, short-lived hope which later leaves the human heart tired and disappointed, but true hope, God’s gift, which, sustained from on high, reaches for the supreme good and is certain of achieving it. Today’s world also has urgent need of this hope. The Great Jubilee we are celebrating leads us step by step to have a deeper sense of the reasons for this Christian hope, which call for and foster a growing trust in God and an ever more generous openness to our brothers and sisters.

    Venerable John Paul II, Remarks at the End of the Annual Lenten Spiritual Exercises, March 18, 2000
  • We witness conversions for which we cannot account. Grace often works very slowly. We may trace the successive stages in a soul's progress toward truth, but there is always a starting point that we cannot grasp, a sudden movement of grace before which there is apparently nothing.

    Louis Veuillot (quoted in The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur, 208)
  • If one lives for the Lord, death and life seem merely two different ways of being with him: first in danger, then in safety.

    Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, The Mystery of Easter, p. 120

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