Catholic / LDS apologetics sites

Catholic Mormon Podcast – A weekly podcast by a cradle-Catholic husband and former-LDS, now-Catholic wife. Rob and Sarah produce good information and incredibly valuable personal experience.

Steve Clifford – Catholic apologetics website of Steve Clifford, a former LDS. His conversion story is included in Patrick Madrid’s book Surprised By Truth 2. The site also includes his debate with Dr. Barry Bickmore, an LDS apologist.

Questions to Gospel Answers – Another former-LDS, now-Catholic has a site with many articles (beware, several pages contain background music). He also maintains a Yahoo! Group, catholic-exmormons.

General Catholic apologetics sites, which include articles on Mormonism

Catholic Answers – North America’s biggest lay apologetics organization, founded by Karl Keating. The library includes five different articles on Mormonism.

Dave Armstrong’s Biblical Evidence for Catholicism – Amazing apologetics website. See the “Search / Super–Link Page” to see all of Dave’s articles. Dave is methodical and extremely thorough, leaving no argument unanswered. The site includes his answer to an article by Dr. Bickmore. Two other extremely useful pages are “The Holy Trinity: Biblical Proofs” and “Jesus is God: Biblical Proofs.”

Eternal Word Television Network – Mother Angelica’s evangelization organization. Their Document Library has many articles, if one searches for the keyword “Mormon,” including the famous response of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith to whether LDS baptism is valid, and some explanations of the response.

Internet forums

Catholic Answers Non-Catholic Religion forum – LDS discussion is in this forum, although there is no longer an LDS subforum.

CARM LDS forum – LDS discussion board on the non-denominational Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry site.

Catholic general information

Catechism of the Catholic Church – guide to the entire Catholic faith.

New Advent – contains a ton of information, most notably the Catholic Encyclopedia, a large library of Early Church Father writings (priceless!), and the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Online Bible (Revised Standard Version)

Blue Letter Bible – I use this mainly for its included Greek and Hebrew lexicons.

LDS general information and apologetics – the official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Jeff Lindsay – frequently-cited LDS apologist.

FARMS – Brigham Young University’s organization, the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies. Its purpose is to prove Mormonism true and everything else false.

SHIELDS – Scholarly and Historical Exchange for LDS. Similar to FARMS.

Books – specifically Catholic / LDS

Inside Mormonism – great book by Isaiah Bennett, a man who left the Catholic priesthood to join the LDS church, then later rejoined the Catholic Church. This book is an overview of LDS history and doctrine, along with biblical and historical critiques of LDS claims. A Catholic apologist serious about working with LDS should definitely read it.

When Mormons Call – shorter Q&A-style book regarding Mormonism, also by Bennett.

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