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The New Testament: Optimist’s Version – Do New Testament authors indicate an imminent Great Apostasy? See for yourself.


My first missionary meeting – An account of the first time I ever met with an LDS missionary.

The next missionary meetings – Continuation of the first missionary meeting story.

Encountering Christ: The Blessed Sacrament – The story of one of my visits to Jesus in the Eucharist.


How do we know the Bible is true? / How do we know the Catholic Church is true? – A reflection on the Church and faith.


The Anti-Nicene Creed – Several common myths about the famous Council of Nicea debunked.

On the Side

An appeal to apologists – Mistakes I’ve seen and made among the Christian apologetics community.

Early Christian worship – A peek at the way the Apostles taught the first believers to worship. What Church worships this way?


Why must there be a First Cause? – A variation on a classic philosophical question, used to show why the lack of a First Cause in LDS theology is a problem.

An infinite number of finites? – Another First Cause exposition, my favorite so far.


Introduction to Catholic theology for LDS – A short introduction to Catholic beliefs about God, and how LDS beliefs differ.

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